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SmartSKin C02 Fractional Laser Resurfacing Specialist

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SmartSKin C02 Fractional Laser Resurfacing

The SmartSkin CO2 fractional laser is one of the newest laser technologies and is revolutionizing the treatment of common skin concerns. One treatment will leave you with a more even skin tone, smoother texture, and markedly reduced wrinkles, brown spots, and acne scars. The SmartSKin C02 fractional laser is a completely customizable treatment and can be used on the face, neck, chest and hands. However, this device will not likely improve facial redness or small facial blood vessels, which are best treated with other light-based devices.

The ablative fractional technology laser emits light energy in a pixel-like dot matrix composed of tiny columns of heat. This method leaves intervening areas of untreated skin between the dots and allows for faster healing and less treatment complications than 100% fully ablative lasers. Topical numbing cream and oral medications for pain relief is used before the procedure which will take about 60 minutes. If you are not able to take prescription pain pills or just want to be extra comfortable during the procedure, we also offer ProNoxTM analgesia (nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”) to help relieve the pain and anxiety.

For several days afterwards, your skin will be very red (like a severe sunburn) with a good deal of swelling, tightness, and peeling. We will provide a post-care kit of products and instructions to soothe and calm the skin and minimize your discomfort.

Because this laser addresses many different problem areas and offers the greatest overall improvement, the healing and “downtime”is about 10-14 days before new skin growth (re-epithelization) is complete and you are able to apply makeup. Depending on your desired outcome and available time to heal, we can offer a superficial, moderate or aggressive treatment. For the aggressive treatment, residual redness (erythema) may take weeks or months to fully resolve in some cases, but it can be camoflauged with a green tinted makeup primer and a color correcting foundation such as IT Cosmetics CC cream SPF 50.

The SmartSkin Fractional Ablative laser is generally one treatment which can be repeated in one year or more if desired.

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