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Repeated facial expressions and the natural aging process can lead to frown lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. To give your face a youthful boost, visit North County Dermatology Clinic in Lakeland, Florida. Timothy E. Knight, MD and our board certified Physician Assistants offer Botox® injections to help you achieve smooth, radiant-looking skin. To schedule a personalized consultation, call the office today.

Botox Q & A

What is Botox®?

Botox is used to treat a range of cosmetic concerns and medical conditions. It’s made from botulinum toxin, which is a substance that inhibits neuromuscular activity. Botox can lift and volumize areas of the face that are sagging or wrinkled due to aging or repeated facial expressions.

Results from a Botox treatment generally last several months, making it an ideal cosmetic treatment for people that want a fast and virtually painless enhancement.

What problems can Botox treat?

Botox can address a wide range of cosmetic concerns. Popular treatments include the glabellar area, which are frown lines between the eyebrows, and crow’s feet, which are lines on the sides of the eyes. Botox can also soften wrinkles on the forehead.

In addition to facial wrinkles or sagging, Botox can also address excessive sweating — a condition called hyperhidrosis. For this type of treatment, it’s generally required that you have had an unsuccessful prior treatment with prescription topical solutions. Also, the excessive sweating must be significant enough to impact your daily life.

What happens at my Botox appointment?

A physician’s assistant performs Botox injections with help from a nurse. After lightly cleansing and prepping the treatment area, the practitioner gently pricks the skin and injects the Botox solution. They may lightly massage the solution into the skin to distribute it evenly and create the most pleasing aesthetic results.

Schedule a cosmetic consultation to discuss your needs and determine how Botox can help you.

What are the benefits of Botox?

Botox can replace expensive skincare products that don’t deliver lasting results. It’s one of the fastest, easiest ways to instantly transform your skin and achieve a younger, fresher-looking appearance. Botox can also reshape your face to give it better contours and volume.

Most patients find the Botox procedure to be painless, and there is virtually no recovery time. When performed by an expert in a custom, tailored treatment, Botox still allows you to smile, laugh, frown, or make other natural facial expressions.

To request a personalized consultation about Botox, call North County Dermatology Clinic today.